Venturing into the dark and piney woods was necessary to create this series of photographs. Our only source of light was an off grid power system which allowed us to project images of environmental destruction onto any chosen intact forest location from an LCD projector. These images of man-made structures and landscapes subjected to the destructive forces of nature were compiled from on the spot documentation after recent events in these areas. Projecting broken buildings and distressed vistas over intact countryside resulted in exaggerated spatial distortions and shifted terrains that we then re-captured with our camera. New incongruous spaces and unsuspecting beauty are created through the duality of projecting past events onto the presently unaffected countryside.

This hybrid time and space results in distorted references to reality or common sense and displaces the viewers’ own perceptions, allowing for a re-evaluation of their awareness of logic and beauty. The psychological and physical aspects within these ambiguous shifting spaces also poetically addresses the current social-political environment. By exploring this new and complex vantage point, we link social and environmental issues unique to our contemporary world. We ask how culture and heritage will be handed to future generations, what have we forgotten, and what must be recast.

Distortions Project Statement